Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles have achieved extremely high standards in terms of technical performance and appearance.
To demonstrate this, here is a gallery of Emilceramica Group products, representing the excellence of Italian design and technology.

Our aim is to prove that ceramic coverings are now fully equivalent to the choicest materials, and can bring unique beauty to the contexts in which they are used. With the value-added of the technical properties of porcelain, perfect for the most heavy-duty uses.

Ceramic tiles now play a key role in interior design, meeting the stylistic requirements of any living space.

For a wider overview, please visit our website:

- Emilceramica
- Ergon
- Provenza
- Viva
- Acif


2 thoughts on “TILES

  1. Dr. Annette Römer

    Sehr geehrtes Service Team,

    wir interessieren uns für Ihr Fliesenprogramm, insbesondere die Blocks Serie. Könnten Sie uns per Post einen Katalog oder Broschüren zusenden?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
    Annette Römer

    1. emilceramicagroup Post author

      Guten Tag,

      bitte teilen Sie uns Ihre Postleitzahl mit, damit wir Ihnen den fuer Sie zustaendigen
      Vertreter mitteilen koennen.

      Mit freundlichen Gruessen
      Emilceramica Spa


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