Emilceramica S.p.A. is an industrial group that manufactures ceramic surfaces for a wide variety of residential and architectural applications.

Emilceramica boasts 2 production plants covering an overall surface area of 450,000 sq.m. and an annual production capacity of 10 million square metres with a catalogue featuring over 6,500 articles.
The 2010 consolidated turnover of € 155,000,000 was attained thanks to the dedication of 600 Group employees and sales coverage in more than 75 countries for total export amounting to 70%.

The Group is present internationally with 5 consolidated brand names:
- Emilceramica
- Ergon
- Acif
- Provenza
- Viva

Joint ventures, logistics centres and production facilities in the USA, East Europe and Asia guarantee the group widespread coverage, meeting the needs of individual markets.

The Emilceramica Group has always had the objective of maintaining equilibrium between economic and social aspects by contributing to the growth of the territory while respecting natural resources and worker health and safety, complying with and even exceeding legislative requirements and upholding the key principles upon which its mission of sustainable development is founded.


Since 1961 the company has succeeded in keeping abreast of the times, updating production technologies and investing in people to maintain its position as a leader in the ceramics sector.
Today, the Emilceramica Group is located worldwide with five brand names, each with its own distinct mission, supported by a widespread distribution network comprising logistics centres in markets of reference and highly motivated and skilled individuals who manage and develop areas of interest.


1961 Emilceramica is founded
1971 Production of single-fired tiles begins
1987 Acquisition of Caolino Panciera, mining industry
1989 Acquisition of Acif Ceramica
1992 Production of cogeneration electric energy begins
1994 Introduction of full-body porcelain tiles
1997 Emilceramica obtains ISO 9001 certification for all brand names and for the entire production process
2000 Introduction of white body tiles
2002 Introduction of full-body coloured porcelain tiles
2002 Joint venture with USA partner; first production plant starts up with a production of 16 million sq.m.
2004 Introduction of double pressing technology
2005 Joint venture with Ukrainian partner; Zeus Ceramica starts up with 1 production plant and 4.5 million sq.m. of production
2007 Three-year, 22-million euro investment plan for local plants and research
2007 Joint venture with Chinese partner
2007 Joint venture with Romanian partner
2007 Acquisition of Viva Ceramica
2009 Acquisition of Ceramiche Provenza
2009 First production with Full HD digital technology


The Emilceramica Group promotes ceramic culture through the production and distribution of products strictly Made in Italy, capable of satisfying functional and aesthetic needs with innovative solutions that respect the environment.

Quality, client satisfaction, development of human and territorial resources, and respect for the environment: these are the key aims of the Emilceramica Group in contributing to the improvement of the social context in which it operates.

The consolidation of the group structure over time has been the guiding objective in all the decisions made by Emilceramica, beginning with vertical integration, the acquisition of quarries for an accurate selection of raw materials, all the way to the production processes that implement the best technologies available.
Product research is an integral part of this mission, with highly qualified personnel contributing a keen sense for the evolution of contemporary design.

In 2002, the joint venture with Dal-Tile, leader in the distribution of tiles in the USA: a plant was opened in Oklahoma with a production capacity of 16 million square metres.
To ensure a quick, efficient response to the North American market, Emilceramica has established EmilAmerica (, a sales and logistics subsidiary with head offices in Virginia, followed by the opening of three warehouses: one in Alexandria, Virginia, one in Orlando, Florida, and one in Anaheim, California.

In 2005, in order to cover the Eastern European markets, a new production company was opened in the Ukraine, Zeus Ceramica, with a production capacity of 4.5 million square meters.

Each year, the company invests € 4,000,000 and dedicates more than 30 specialised technicians to propose new refined and original ceramics solutions, drawing inspiration from various types of materials, like wood, quartz, cement, marble and fabric, to express creativity and sophistication under the hallmark of excellence – Made in Italy.
Emilceramica products are always original, based on our own ideas and interpretations, never copies.

Rigorously Made in Italy is the Emilceramica philosophy for maintaining the high structural and aesthetic qualities of all our products.
Our production system implements cutting edge technologies to reach the highest quality standards, from the selection and grinding of raw materials to the pressing, from full HD digital decoration to automatic selection with digital optics instruments.
Each individual tile must pass more than 40 dimensional, structural and aesthetic controls: the constant selection of all Emilceramica Group products is guaranteed.

The computerised automated warehouse guarantees deliveries: everything you need and delivered on time.
This extremely avant-garde project was concluded in 2010 after three years of development and an investment of 3,500,000 euro, becoming what was at the time the most extensive facility in the world.
The system enables the constant traceability of each individual product in stock with “Track + Race®“ technology, guaranteeing better customer service with reduced loading times, zero errors, optimised routes to articles for shipping.
The latter point is particularly relevant in terms of energy savings. Shorter routes reduce lift truck traffic by around 30%, thus reducing fuel and accessory consumption.

The Emilceramica Group is present on an international level in more than 70 countries with 5,500 points of sale.
Our clients are a fundamental resource, and thanks to a 93% loyalty rate, Group brand names remain constantly present on the markets.

Coverage of the American market with EmilAmerica: immediate response with 3 warehouses and dedicated staff.
Joint venture with Dal-Tile, leading American producer of ceramic tiles, with a retail network throughout the territory.
Presence on Eastern European markets with Zeus Ceramica, with local production and distribution through a dedicated sales network.
Coverage of the Asian market with EmilAsia, with local offices and warehouses to respond promptly to requests and a joint venture with a local manufacturer and distributor for widespread distribution throughout the territory with our own points of sale.

Environmental protection is one of Emilceramica’s top priorities, pursued and achieved through the construction of a non-pollutant production process.
Over the years, the company has implemented genuine environmental protection projects, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of products and processes. These have included:
In 1982 Emilceramica S.p.A. became one of the first companies in the industry to establish a closed water cycle. After chemical-physical treatment, all wastewater from the production plants is reused in the tile body mix grinding process.
Emilceramica S.p.A. has been reusing unfired reject tiles and ceramic sludge in its tile body mixes since 1989, thanks to an authorisation originally granted on a trial basis.
Since 1992, Emilceramica S.p.A. has been equipped with a cogeneration plant, enabling it to produce its own electricity.
Emilceramica S.p.A. has been using fully recyclable packaging materials (paper, cardboard boxes, pallet hood plastic and wooden pallets treated in compliance with FAO regulations) since 2000.
The Emilceramica group has been a member of the USGBC (US Green Building Council) since 2008.
In 2010 it also became a member of the Green Building Council Italia (GBC Italia), implementing and adopting its rules by manufacturing series of products in accordance with the principles of environmental sustainability.
This sustainability is also expressed through certification under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system, a system for the certification of sustainable construction criteria developed by the USGBC (US Green Building Council) and introduced in the United States in 1999.
LEED certification is not a form of product certification; it is a certification that assesses and demonstrates buildings’ environmental, social and economic sustainability from the design phase through to routine management. It uses a flexible assessment system which is applicable to various types of building while retaining a single evaluation approach. LEED-NC (New Construction) relates to the construction of new buildings and major renovation projects.

Emilceramica Group produces ceramics without the use of harmful and/or radioactive raw materials, creating products that comply with the latest biobuilding techniques.
This corporate commitment is acknowledged by numerous forms of recognition and participation in European research projects, publications and conferences.

The Emilceramica Group Objective: zero environmental impact.

The concept of total quality is an integral part of all Emilceramica Group activities: a company-wide philosophy that guarantees the highest standards to ensure excellence.

The main guidelines are:

• Conformity with regulations to the point of exceeding required parameters, attention to employee health and safety, with the objective of zero accidents in the workplace.
• Quality testing of each individual tile with more than 40 dimensional, aesthetic and technical tests.
• A staff dedicated to quality control: every day, for all products.
• A client-oriented staff of 70 persons dedicated to managing relations with the sales and after-sales network.
• Professional training: each individual represents Group growth.
• Stimulation of personal initiative as a primary resource of corporate growth, with each member of the staff being given a sense of responsibility for different functions: the added value of belonging to a team, the gratification of being responsible for growth.
• Constant analysis of the industrial process, with detailed reports of all benchmark values, to obtain products that represent the excellence of the Italian ceramics district.
• A constant process of analysis and growth, striving beyond results obtained for continued improvement in a coherent and responsible manner.

The Emilceramica Group has drafted a Code of Ethics with the intention of further reinforcing relations with stakeholders.

The Emilceramica Group Code of Ethics:
• states the rights, the duties and the responsibilities of the Company towards all subjects with whom it cultivates relations (clients, suppliers, employees, collaborators, partners, institutions) in the pursuit of its corporate objective;
• is intended to establish ethical and behavioural “standards” to orient corporate decision-making processes and conduct;
• requires management and all relative subjects to behave appropriately, with actions that do not breach the corporate Code of Ethics;
• contributes to actuating the Group’s policy of social and environmental responsibility, minimizing exposure to risks of compliance and reputation and reinforcing a sense of belonging in its stakeholders.

The Emilceramica Group believes in the social and cultural role of enterprise and has promoted and financed important projects to promote and safeguard cultural heritage over the years.
Among the many initiatives, the most important and original include the rediscovery of the ancient origins of Sassuolo ceramics, sustained and documented with the publication of fundamental works, including the twice-yearly “I quaderni dell’Emilceramica” and volumes on Sassuolo ceramics from the 18th and 19th centuries.
The Emilceramica Group has made a long-term commitment to the restoration of the Ducal Palace of Sassuolo, recovering and restoring the original floors in terracotta and financing the restoration of 17th-century frescoes by painter Jean Boulanger in the “Camera di Giove” (Room of Jupiter).
In 1999, the Emilceramica Group completed the renovation of Villa Vigarani-Guastalla, a historic 17th-century building by Gaspare Vigarani, where the collection of ancient artistic Sassuolo ceramics is exhibited.

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